When on the west coast, go with the fish tacos…

A few hours ago, I got back from Seattle where I was shooting the 6th stop on the Tailgate Tour. I discovered some amazing Husky fans and tailgating by  both land and sea. Later in the week, I will share with you what I found, but first I wanted to bring you a meal I had from my trip to Seattle. I had never been to the University of Washington’s campus before, but in my research I discovered a place called Agua Verde.

As you can probably tell from the first picture, Agua Verde serves delicious Mexican food. I love Mexican food, so it was a pretty easy sell for me to go and try it out. I will get to the food in a second, but what I want to share with you first is the location. Agua Verde sits on the banks of Portage Bay, on UW’s campus. Agua Verde is not only a cafe, but it is a Paddle club as well! You can rent kayaks or bring your own and launch from the back of the restaurant.

After kayaking for a few hours, you will most definitely build up an appetite. There is no better way to cure that hunger than to sit on the restaurant’s back deck

and enjoy their delicious food.

As you could probably guess, I went with fish tacos. There is something about being on the west coast, looking at the water, and eating fish tacos. I did the same thing when I was in Malibu a few months ago. I have said it before, and will say it again. Sea food tastes better with a large body of water as your view. These tacos were called Bacalao and consisted of Alaskan Cod fried in a coconut beer tempura, shredded cabbage, avocado sauce.

It know it is cliche to say, but these did taste as good as they look. They were different from the ones in Malibu. The coconut beer tempura batter was amazing. It looked like it was going to be dense and heavy, but it was surprisingly light and somewhat sweet. With flaky Alaskan Cod inside, sitting on top of crunch cabbage and finished with a delicious avocado sauce,  you can probably guess what the end result was. Yep, I left the table very full. There was side item I ordered that made the meal complete.

Pineapple-jicama salsa. Perfect to dip chips in or add to the top of your tacos. The only thing missing was a margarita. They serve margaritas and a wide assortment of beers, but that was not on the menu for me that afternoon. I might not have been drinking, but with it being a Friday afternoon and a sunny day in Seattle, there were quite a few people that were starting their afternoons of early. The only thing I wish I had done before this is hopped in a kayak!

On Wednesday I will bring you more from my trip to Seattle and what I discovered at my first Husky Tailgating. Warning you will see tailgating on land, water, a gas powered margarita maker and an ice sculpture!

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  1. says

    I ate supper there with my parents on holiday several years ago, and it was certainly one to write home about. We had a variety of fish tacos, the Naranjas y Almendras salad with mahi-mahi, boatloads of the pineapple-jicama salsa and some cerveza. Delightful to remember that meal! Enjoy Seattle and the game.



  2. Cathy says

    Oh my, this looks absolutely scrumptious…..i am going to try to make something like this soon, your photography is so exquisite! Living in Ohio, you transported me to waters of Seattle and the colors of the turquoise bowl with the salsa and the purple cabbage…..pure bliss!

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