well hello marilyn… Austin, TX

I would like to introduce you to Marilyn Monroe. Well the cupcake at least. hey cupcake was not the only cupcakes that I discovered in Austin. I also had the fortune of coming across Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop. I had the Michael Jackson at hey cupcake!, so it only made sense to sample Sugar Mama’s celebrity cake.

Mmmmmm moist vanilla cake with creamy vanilla buttercream. Looks good enough to eat right?

Well it was.

So if you see this building on First St in Austin, make sure you stop in. I had a second cupcake while I was at Sugar Mama’s. Be sure to check by later to see what it was.

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    I can totally see why it’s named the Marilyn Monroe: sexy, yummy, and tantalizingly purely white! (Think Marilyn in the frilly white dress with warm wind blowing from under her feet? Yup, that’s the image.)

    Looks delicious! I love cupcakes <3


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    Hey! I found you on foodgawker and I’m mildly obsessed with cupcakes and have tried Sugar Mama’s before! However, I was less than impressed! Check out my review here:


    Also…Houston has some great cupcake shops that I’ve tried out as well – my favorite being Crave! It’s THE BOMB! And I posted about them here:


    Check it out!!!! Because Sugar Mama’s ain’t got nothin on Crave!

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      Thanks Eddie. It was shot on location at Sugar Mama’s. I just used the counter they had there and angled down so that the counter took up the whole frame. Thanks for stopping bye!

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