The cupcake that started it all… Santa Barbara, CA

I am in Blacksburg,VA, right now getting ready for tomorrow’s third stop on the tailgating tour (Thank you Panera Bread for having free wifi) This is my first time at Virginia Tech, and I am incredibly interested in seeing how Hokie Nation tailgates.

Anyway, the cupcake you see in front you you in not just any cupcake, it is the cupcake that started it all…

When Brett and I were in Santa Barbara, at the end of our great western road trip, I had to stop bye Crushcakes. Crushcakes Cupcakery to this date still might be my favorite cupcake. I have eaten quite a few cupcakes (Columbia, Chapel Hill, Austin, Austin again, Fort Collins, Boulder, Madison, Knoxville) and this is the one I compare them to. I guess I can never really pick a favorite, but the Strawberry Blush will always have a special place in my heart.

Strawberry cake topped with a strawberry frosting, really do I need to say more? It is amazing. The only way to truly understand is to try it yourself.

So you might be asking yourself what I meant by this is the cupcake that started it all. Well when I was in Photo School, our second class had a big project at the end where we could photograph anything we wanted using a 4×5 camera (really big film camera) using different camera movements. This was the first time that I decided to shoot food and I fell in love with it. I could not find the picture I took before I had to leave to drive to Virginia, but next week I will find it and put it at the end of this post.

Have a great weekend. Next week I will bring you what I discover in Blacksburg and the beginning of what I found in Berkeley,CA.

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  1. Jordan says

    I hope you enjoyed your time here in Blacksburg. I am currently a sophomore and just moved off campus this year trying to learn how to cook and bake so I am not depending on my meal plan all the time (even though we do have the #2 food in the country!) Hope you had a fantastic weekend and Go Hokies!

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