The 3 b words Madison, WI

Sadly, I spent the first 18 years of my life deprived of the experience of eating a bratwurst. It was not until arriving in Madison, for my freshmen year, that I experienced the awesomeness that is the bratwurst (or brat as it is more commonly known).

I could go on about brats, but that will be saved for a post later in the year when I attend Brat Fest in Madison. I quickly learned that there are two other b words that should be accompanied by a brat. Those are beer and badgers (brewers if you are tailgating in Miller Park). The best place to find all 3 b words in Madison is at State Street Brats (more commonly known as Brats).

Brats is THE place on State Street to watch an away Badger game (or home if you were unable to get tickets). The building contains two full levels with a full bar on each level. The walls of the bar are filled with interesting pictures and badger memento. Think Applebee’s but with the UW instead of a local high school team you don’t care about. There is plenty of seating upstairs, while downstairs is more open. Other than the food and beer, my favorite part of Brats are the dart boards. Darts is my FAVORITE game at a bar. I will challenge anyone to a game. I might not win but I will give you my best shot. Who wants to play me ?  My description really does not do the place justice. To get the complete experience you will have to check it out for yourself. Only then, will you see why it is routinely voted one of the best sports bars in the country. I my be biased, but with the UW theme I would put it at #1 ! On Wisconsin…

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      Thanks! The head and bubbles are actually a food styling secret. You add salt to the beer when you are ready to shoot and it creates the just poured look.

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    okay, I’ve been following your slew of Madison restaurants, secretly grinning at an inside joke or story associated with each place, but now I have to comment. I spent did some of my schooling in Madison and look forward to visiting the farmers market at least once each year, and aside from gyros at the Parthenon, a white brat from State Street Brats is my ultimate Madison dining experience. especially if there’s a game on the big-screen upstairs and I can enjoy my brat, beer and spicy waffle fries in the bleacher seating. now that I’m in Texas it might be a little difficult getting back as much as I like — thanks for letting me live vicariously for a couple weeks!



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