texas caviar at the largest grocery store I have ever been in… Austin, TX

There are certain stores that are “meccas” for people. If you love malls then the Mall of America in Minneapolis is a place you have to visit, jewelry then the Tiffany’s in NYC. You get the idea. My shopping ‘meccas” include the B&H photo super store in NYC, the IKEA in Stockholm and the Whole Food’s Flagship store in Austin. While in Austin I decided to cross one of them off of my list.

80,000 square feet! This Whole Foods is not you typical grocery store. The store would not fit in one frame so I had to make a panoramic (that is where the distortion on the building in the background is coming from). My description of the inside really will not do the store justice. I was so overwhelmed with what I saw inside that I could not even take pictures. So let me just start by saying if you are in Austin you need to take a trip to Whole Foods. I went at lunch time and, like a couple hundred other people, was looking for lunch. There were so many options. Sushi, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, really anything you could possibly think of was made right there. I was intrigued by the salad bar and something called Texas Caviar.

What is Texas Caviar you ask? Well if you could not tell by looking at the picture, it is simply black eyed peas. I am a huge fan of black eyed peas (the food more so than the band) and being in Texas, I thought I would give Whole Foods Texas Caviar a try.

Whole Foods mixed their black eyed peas with a combination of red bell pepper, red onion, jalapeno peppers, parsley, tomatoes,  lime juice, sea salt and black pepper. I put that on top of spinach to make a very filling salad. If you have been following the blog, it might surprise you that someone who makes Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding and Candied Bacon would enjoy something like this. Well I am a fan of all types of good food. Whole Foods in Austin has 80,000 square feet of good food. If you are in  Austin and a foodie, then you must go there for lunch. I guarantee that you will not leave hungry.

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    I love beans! I don’t get to eat them very often where I live (nobody even eats beans like chickpeas here in China!) But black-eyed peas always look delicious to me…

    I’ve only been hearing about Whole Foods recently, also. Hopefully the next time I visit the US I’ll be able to experience one of these legends for myself!

    I love your blog, by the way! The photos are gorgeous :)


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    I live right down the street from the store, but I only go for two things: 1) pico de gallo (when I don’t feel like making it myself) and 2) buttermilk (because I like the bottle hahaha). Otherwise, I stay away from the store b/c of the smug factor and high prices just for groceries. I much prefer Central Market. Nevertheless, Whole Foods is a big place. Before it was remade, it was the very first Whole Foods in existence.

    Your Texas caviar looks amazing! YUM!

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