tacos in a trailer park Austin, TX

During my travels, I refuse to eat at a chain restaurant. Why would I eat somewhere that is found everywhere, when I can discover delicious dishes that only locals in an area know about ?  I will make an exception when a restaurant is so successful that it has opened several locations in that same city. Torchy’s is one of these exceptions. When visiting Torchy’s, I had to check out their South Austin Trailer park location. I had heard about the food trailers in Austin and this would be a great place to start!

Torchy’s serves what they call  “Damn Good Tacos”. After my experience there I would have to agree. Damn good is really the best way to describe them. My only problem was there were so many choices and I knew my stomach would only be able to handle two.

I decided to go with Fried Avocado and something called a Trailer Park.

I had tried fried Avocado once before ( it was when I lived in California‎ at the California Avocado Festival), so in my mind Torchy’s had a lot to live up to.

Well, they did.

If you have never had fried avocado before, then you are missing out. Crunchy golden brown coating encasing a warm creamy avocado inside, what is not to like? Combine this with vegetarian refried beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, cheese on a corn tortilla and topped with poblano ranch sauce and you have a winning combination that is impossible to put down.

I figured since I was dining in a trailer park, it was only fitting to choose the Trailer Park Taco as my next decision. What is the Trailer Park you ask?

It is a flour tortilla holding fried chicken, green chillies, pico de gallo, cheese, and poblano ranch. It normally includes lettuce on top, but I went “Trashy” and substituted the lettuce for queso! Delicious!

If the pictures have not spoken for themselves, an additional reason to like Torchy’s is that they get all of their ingredients from local Texas vendors (with the exception of green chillies from New Mexico). I am a big supporter of restaurants trying to buy locally. If you are in Austin, you must check out one of Torchy’s locations. If it is a nice day out, you can not go wrong with the picnic tables at the trailer park.

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  1. says

    I just went to Torchy’s this week! I ALWAYS get the trashy version of the trailer park, which means they remove some of the veggies and add cheese. I also tried brush fire, which has jerk chicken. It was good but too spicy for me to handle. You made the place look so clean and tidy hahaha. I rarely eat there.

  2. Nhiro says

    Love Torchy’s. Those are some damn good tacos. My only beef with them is that the tacos are quite expensive, so two tacos and a drink will run about $10.

  3. says

    A lot of Austin’s really tasty food comes from trailers. Next time you should go to Soco (South Congress), park there and walk up and down the street visiting all the trailers and vintage stores, it’s the Austin thing to do on a lazy Saturday/Sunday. Also, my favorite restaurant is on Soco :)

  4. says

    Wow, those look goood!

    I think that’s a good philosophy to not eat at chains when you are traveling. I will definitely remember that the next time I take a little day trip.

  5. Ashley says

    I have been waiting since this post for an Austin excursion. I went to see a girlfriend this weekend that lives in Austin, and she’d never heard of the place! We ordered the fried avocado, a democrat & a brush fire (all on corn) to share. The fried avocado was to die for & we ordered another to go. The Democrat (barbacoa) was amazing, too! The brush fire was really spicy– I liked the flavor, but the chicken was a tad on the dry side. Thanks for turning me on to this great place! Next time, we’ll be sure to visit some of the other vendors in the park– it was really nice & surprisingly clean:)

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