Super Bowl XLVI and what I ate…


Yesterday was the Super Bowl. A time when everyone in the USA talks about football. Whether they are die hard fans or just there for the commercials, Super Bowl Sunday has become a holiday of sorts. As all holidays should, Super Bowl Sunday revolves around food.

Over the last 2 seasons of tailgating, I have noticed that football fans love food. So, for the Super Bowl, it comes as no surprise that what you will eat on gameday is a big deal. What makes the Super Bowl different from most football games is that all the food and pregame action takes place in your or a friends home. This means that you have your kitchen, running water, and oven all at your disposal. This might not sound like a big deal, but if you are an avid tailgater, having these conveniences available allows you to cook anything! So for this Super Bowl Sunday, I decided to take advantage of watching the game at home and dine on foods that aren’t ideal for tailgating.


On Sunday, I went over to my Mom’s house where she was making a wide assortment of foods. First up was  “Groasted” chicken with a red pepper, vinegar, and peach BBQ glaze. You may be wondering what groasted is. Well it is a word I made up. The chicken was first grilled outside to give it nice grill marks and some char flavor. After a few minutes on the grill it was roasted in the oven and basted with the BBQ sauce until completely done. Part grilling, part roasting= Groasting.

Whether you are tailgating or watching football at home or a bar, there is just something about chicken wings and football. They just taste better when football is involved. My mom was cooking the pieces of a few whole chickens, so there were a few wings involved.

At tailgates, it is a common practice to see fans theme their gameday menu around what teams are playing. I decided to partake in this practice and theme part of the gameday menu for each team. For the New York Giants, a New York Strip Steak.

Have you ever tried to cut something  while holding a plate and standing up? If you have, then you are aware of why a steak isn’t ideal for tailgating. With my Super Bowl meal taking place at home, I had the luxury of a steak knife and a table to sit at while eating. It doesn’t matter whether you are eating at a tailgate or grilling at home, you always want to let your steak rest after cooking.

For the New England Patriots, I made a Boston Cream Pie.

While this dessert of  sponge cake with pastry cream and covered with a chocolate ganache is delicious, it isn’t ideal for tailgating. The cake needs to be kept cold and will slide around if moved too much. I did attempt a gif for this dessert, but it just didn’t turn out the way I liked. I am still perfecting food gifs, but hope to share with you how I make them soon!

For dessert, my mom made a blue and blackberry cobbler.

With great food and a great football game ( or commercials) this past Super Bowl Sunday was everything I cold have hoped it to be. The only problem is that football is now over. It has been a an amazing last 5 months, and I am counting down the days until labor day weekend when it will begin again!

While the games are now over, my life will still revolve around football for the next few months. Soon, I will be able to let you know more about a project I am currently working on.


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