Seafood on the Pier… Santa Barbara, CA

I am currently on my way to Madison for the 2nd game of the tailgate tour, got to love free wi fi in airports ( I started this in Charlotte this morning, but am finishing it on my friend’s couch in Madison) .

Today ,I want to share with you one of the Santa Barbara stops that Brett and I made on our Great Western Road Trip. I used to live in Santa Barbara, and after moving away a year ago I almost forgot how beautiful a place it is.

One of the most beautiful parts of Santa Barbara is the ocean and views around it. There are few better ways to see the Santa Barbara coastline than taking a walk ( or you can drive your car out) onto the pier. Other than the amazing views, there are also a few amazing dining spots as well. At the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company I was able to find a dish that included my two of my favorite things to eat in California.

Avocado and seafood! In this case it was Dungeness Crab. In the Dungeness Crab Cocktail, the crab was served over cabbage, pico de gallo and topped with a delicious avocado. This is the way that it was served, but to eat required a bowl.

The meal was delicious! Santa Barbara Shell fish company has a walk up window and inside seating, I went to the walk up window stood there for about 15 minutes and finally decided on what to order. In Malibu , I talked about how eating seafood while looking at the ocean is the way you should eat seafood. Well, eating at a picnic table that is  literally on top of the Pacific Ocean, only strengthened my belief in this philosophy.

Mmmmm, light and refreshing. The creamy avocado, flavorful salsa, tender crab and crunch cabbage combined to make a dish that disappeared pretty quickly. I don’t blame the seagulls for hovering around me, If I was not eating this, I definitely would have wanted to steal a bite.

After eating that delicious meal and looking at this view as leaving the pier, Why did I leave California again?

I hope everyone has a great weekend, I can’t wait to bring you more from trip to California and show you how my alma mater tailgates in Madison!

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