Scott's Barbecue, Goldsboro North Carolina

I grew up and currently live in North Carolina. This means that when it comes barbeque, I automatically picture a pulled pork platter or sandwich topped with slaw. Every North Carolinian is accustomed to pork as the foundation of their BBQ platter or sandwich, but there are disagreements as to what sauce will go on top. In the Western part of the state , you will find sweet, more tomato-based sauces. In the Eastern part, it is a tangy thin vinegar-based sauce.  Sara is from the eastern part of North Carolina, Goldsboro to be exact. Whenever we go back to Goldsboro to visit her family, barbeque is always involved. On a recent trip, Sara and her parents took me to an NC barbeque establishment that has been around for 96 years! Here is what I found on my trip to Scott’s Barbeque.

I have come to find that you can’t judge a restaurant by its exterior. A plain unassuming brick building will many times have a delicious meal inside that might be easy to miss. With Scott’s that is just the case. Inside this plain looking exterior is a barbeque place that you must make a stop at. You will have to time your stop correctly, though. Scott’s is only open on Thursday and Fridays from 10:30-2:30pm.

Inside, you can order your barbeque several different ways. I decided to go with the chopped platter with coleslaw and potato salad as the sides. In addition to that, I went with a side of brunswick stew. Like any great barbeque place, hushpuppies were a part of the meal!


This was a case of my eyes being bigger than my stomach and I gladly packed up half the box to eat later on. Brunswick Stew and barbeque! It is hard to have a better lunch than that. Like all barbeque found in the eastern part of NC, the thin sauce has a delightful tang to it. Every place will vary in what they put into their secret sauces, but the common denominator is it will be vinegar-based and taste amazing on pulled, chunked, or chopped pork!

If you can’t make it to Goldsboro to try Scott’s for yourself, then this secret recipe sauce can be shipped directly to your door! Click here to find out more.  If you find yourself in Goldsboro and are looking for lunch on Thursday or Friday I suggest giving Scott’s a try.

Thanks to Sara and her lovely parents for introducing me to Scott’s!






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