Preparing for Spring with Vodka Infusions

Last week I shared with you some of my favorite Spring Drinks. Well the weather has continued to improve, and with almost 70 degree temperatures, I have broken out the shorts and contemplating making the permanent switch to wearing sandals. With Spring getting even closer, I realized that I need to start preparing…

Last year, I shared with you some of the liquor infusions that I made. The bubblegum vodka and limoncello were delicious and will definitely be repeated this year. I learned a lot form these experiments, but the most important thing I learned was the importance of surface area. The more surface area that is exposedof the flavor you are trying to infuse, then the faster the flavor will infuse into the alcohol.

Infusing liquor takes some time, so in 2 or 3 weeks I will show you if these infusions work and what tasty drinks you can make with them!

First up is a what should be a spicy and sweet combination; Pineapple and red pepper! I filled a pint size mason jar with pineapple chunks (cut into about 1/4in  wide pieces)  and  1/2 tbsp toasted red pepper flakes. I filled the container with about 8 ounces of vodka.

Next up is the cool and refreshing cucumber melon. I have had cucumber water before, so I am imaging this spirit to have a clean and refreshing profile. I used a melon baller to extract the cucumber and honeydew. In the  jar I stacked the honeydew followed bu cucumber and repeated until the jar was full. I then filled the jar with about 6 ounces of vodka.

and finally is cranberry, orange, and nutmeg combination. I used frozen cranberries that I cut in half. Using a knife I cut off the skin from clean organic oranges. In making limoncello, I used the skins of the lemon, so I am assuming the same  principle will apply here. I grated the nutmeg directly in.I filled the container with about 8 oz of vodka.

I am keeping these jars in the beer drawer ( what is more commonly known as the vegetable drawer, but I store beer in mine) of the refrigerator  for the next 2 weeks and will shake them up every few days. In a few weeks, I will share the results of this experiment with you.

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  1. mallory m says

    can’t wait to hear how the pineapple/red pepper one turns out! may have to try that one myself… any ideas for infusing ginger into vodkas? i wonder what else would pair nicely with it… have been enjoying lots of ginger drinks lately and need to find a way to do it myself!

  2. J says

    Beautiful photos and great ideas! I did an orange infusion a couple months ago (also inspired by a Morry’s post) and I totally get what you mean by surface area. I think I actually made tang. I used so many peelings that the final product was almost undrinkable. Wasn’t good alone and was very ORANGE in simple cocktails….
    I picked up a bag of serrano chilies at the farmers market Sunday and I’m thinking about making a chili infused vodka. The best jalapeno infused vodka I ever had was at a place called PJ’s in San Fran and I have long wanted to replicate it….but right now I have serranos…
    Any advise or learned lessons on chili infusions???

  3. desiree says

    just curious if i have to sterilize the mason jars??? so excited to make these!!! i have quite a few birthdays next month and i think this is such a cute little gift :)

  4. elena says

    can you still eat the fruit after a few days? I made a few jars and want to take them to a tailgate…will the fruit be eatable? I made them sunday afternoon we start the party on friday and saturday…what do you think. There in the frig right now. my first time…i dont want to let everyone down…thank you

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