St. Patrick’s Day Midori Sangria


Celebrating St. Patrick's Day is all about the color green! Wearing green and drinking a green beverage are two things you have to do to celebrate. Wearing a green outfit is much easier than finding a green beverage. Many bars will dye their drafts green, but if you don't enjoy Continue Reading

All-Purpose Pan Rolls


When looking for a lifetime baked good partner, it is easy to overlook the humble yeast roll.  Face it, they are not exactly the pin up dolls of the food blog world. Forget embellishing them with ganache, salted caramel or edible glitter.  Pan rolls are not food porn. All-Purpose Continue Reading

Three Cheese Soufflés


Do you have something to celebrate? Try serving a soufflés for your special occasion. Soufflés have an almost magical quality about them. What starts as a batter in a ramekin will quickly climb and rise high above the dish. This light, fluffy, and cheesy dish will impress your Continue Reading