Chocolate cake for breakfast ? Athens, GA

After my trip to Athens, GA, (home to the University of Georgia) I am very worried. I must say that my confidence in Madison being the best college food town is shaken. I discovered some amazing meals in Athens, and I feel it only makes sense to start with breakfast. You start your day with breakfast so why not have breakfast be the first post I do.

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Madison has the BEST food in a college town, can you prove me wrong ?

It should come as no surprise to you that I am a huge Wisconsin Badger fan! I was fortunate enough to spend my undergraduate career as a student athlete at The University of Wisconsin-Madison. I learned a lot during my 4 years in Madison, but most importantly I discovered that Madison has the best food (for a college town) in the country. Two weeks ago I returned to Madison for the first time in almost two years. I had an amazing time visiting the places I ate at when I was a student. After that trip I am confident in saying Madison is the best. If you have ever been to Madison or, like me, had the great fortune of being a Badger I am sure you will agree. I am throwing it out there. Madison can not be beat when it comes to food!

On the way back from my trip to Madison, I decided that the only way I can prove this is to see what other college towns have to offer. To do this I am going to need your help. I know that many of you disagree with me that Madison is the best. That is perfectly fine. I want to know what you think is the best? What college town did you live in that has better food? Leave a comment letting me know what you think is best! Tell me where you would eat and what you would order? If I go to your alma mater and try something that is better than what I have had in Madison I will send you a prize!

Ok so here are some rules to the contest:

1. DEFINITION OF A COLLEGE TOWN a city that is heavily influenced by a university or college. For example Athens, Columbia, Chapel Hill, Gainesville, Eugene, Auburn, Charlottesville, Austin, Tucson etc…. These are all examples of college towns. It can be a state capital, but it can not be a major city. Therefore Boston, New York City, Chicago, LA, Dallas, Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Diego do not count. This cities all have great food and lots of institutions of higher learning, but sorry these are not college towns. I can be swayed to make an exception if the food really intrigues me, but I want to stick to places that have a college influence.

2.NO CHAIN RESTAURANTS. I want to try unique local places, so no chains allowed. The only exception is if all the chain locations are in the college town.

3. KEEP IT AT STUDENT PRICES We all remember being broke college students right? I am going to keep meals $10 and under. Great food does not have to come at a great price. No single item I eat will cost you more than $10.

Other than that, I am open to trying any unique and amazing food that is out there. I hope that you will help me in discovering if Madison is the best. I am biased, but I can admit when I find amazing food, so please let me know what food you loved eating in college!

So far I am planning on going to :

Athens, GA

Clemson, SC

Baton Rouge, LA

Austin, TX

Auburn, AL

Oxford, MS

Blacksburg, VA

Columbia, SC

Chapel Hill, NC

Charlottesville, VA

Gainesville, FL

Durham, NC

Winston-Salem, NC

Please let me know where else I need to go and what I should eat!

- Taylor