taylor takes a taste goes west…

Dear Readers,

Today I am in Madison,WI. Well I was supposed to arrive two days ago, but storms in Chicago canceled my flight, so I arrived a day late.  Anyway, I made it here. The reason for the visit is that this morning I am beginning a western road with my old college roommate and teammate Brett.

We will be traveling to:

Lincoln, NE

Fort Collins, CO

Salt Lake City, UT

Las Vegas, NV

Santa Barbara, CA

and ending in Pasadena, CA.

I can not wait to see what food I discover along the way. I would love any food suggestions that you could give me on the way. This is not my first time driving across the country. Almost a year ago exactly I drove the opposite direction and went from Santa Barbara, CA to Charlotte, NC. Here is a video summary of it. Thanks for your help!

- Taylor

orangeade, hotdog, and a pharmacy Chapel Hill, NC

Since 1923, Sutton’s Drug Store has been serving great food and filling your prescriptions. It used to be that all drug stores did both. Today at a drug store,  you can pick up groceries or frozen meals, but you will not find a freshly made BLT, burger, or hot dog. Sutton’s, located on Franklin street, is a Chapel Hill institution and has been serving up great food drinks to UNC students for decades. Continue Reading

what to eat at a place named sandwhich? Chapel Hill, NC

When I think of meatloaf, the first thought that comes to mind is Will Ferrel’s character of Chaz Reinhold in “Wedding Crashers” He is quite insistent on his mom bringing him meatloaf. I have had meatloaf a few times in my life, but it was not a staple of my family’s meals. I have no “mother’s meatloaf” standard that many Americans may have. This being said, I did not know what to expect when I ordered the meatloaf sandwich at Sandwhich in Chapel Hill.

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If I can, you can

I love salsa, especially peach salsa. With peaches at the height of their season right now, it is the perfect time to make peach salsa. The problem is that making the salsa is time consuming and fresh salsa will not last for weeks in the fridge. You have to preserve it some how. How do you do this? You can it!

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