The cupcake that started it all… Santa Barbara, CA

I am in Blacksburg,VA, right now getting ready for tomorrow’s third stop on the tailgating tour (Thank you Panera Bread for having free wifi) This is my first time at Virginia Tech, and I am incredibly interested in seeing how Hokie Nation tailgates.

Anyway, the cupcake you see in front you you in not just any cupcake, it is the cupcake that started it all…

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I ate a cupcake, they did an Ironman…

This past weekend, I was in Madison for several reasons. I made my second stop on the tailgating tour, turned 25, and watched two of my friends complete their first Ironman triathlon. The Ironman is 140.6 miles of swimming, biking and running. Pretty much what I need to do after I spend a weekend eating and traveling. I doubt that I will ever attempt an Ironman ( did a half marathon and decided that was enough), but my friends Claire and Katie accomplished this challenge!

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Seafood on the Pier… Santa Barbara, CA

I am currently on my way to Madison for the 2nd game of the tailgate tour, got to love free wi fi in airports ( I started this in Charlotte this morning, but am finishing it on my friend’s couch in Madison) .

Today ,I want to share with you one of the Santa Barbara stops that Brett and I made on our Great Western Road Trip. I used to live in Santa Barbara, and after moving away a year ago I almost forgot how beautiful a place it is.

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A Big Bad Breakfast in Oxford, MS….

I can’t imagine a restaurant name more enticing than Big Bad Breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and the adjectives big and bad being used to describe it trigger my curiosity even further. Combine that with the restaurant’s logo including a pig and the fact that the founder is a James Beard winning chef, I think it is obvious to see why I had to give this place a try.

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a post 158 days in the making…

I have had a long time to think about this post. 158 days to be exact. That is the amount of time between my first trip to Taylor Grocery and actually getting to eat at Taylor Grocery. Earlier this year, I was in Oxford and made my first attempt at eating in Taylor. Unfortunately, I arrived to this…Continue Reading

Neptune’s Net… Malibu, CA

After a few days in Vegas, Brett and I finally arrived in California! Are final destination was Pasadena, but we decided to make a slight detour and visit my  old home of Santa Barbara. On our way to Santa Barbara we had to stop at Brett’s favorite California restaurant, and what I think is one of the coolest sea food restaurants in the world ( yes not just the country but the world).

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