A Big Bad Breakfast in Oxford, MS….

I can’t imagine a restaurant name more enticing than Big Bad Breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and the adjectives big and bad being used to describe it trigger my curiosity even further. Combine that with the restaurant’s logo including a pig and the fact that the founder is a James Beard winning chef, I think it is obvious to see why I had to give this place a try.

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a post 158 days in the making…

I have had a long time to think about this post. 158 days to be exact. That is the amount of time between my first trip to Taylor Grocery and actually getting to eat at Taylor Grocery. Earlier this year, I was in Oxford and made my first attempt at eating in Taylor. Unfortunately, I arrived to this…Continue Reading

Neptune’s Net… Malibu, CA

After a few days in Vegas, Brett and I finally arrived in California! Are final destination was Pasadena, but we decided to make a slight detour and visit my  old home of Santa Barbara. On our way to Santa Barbara we had to stop at Brett’s favorite California restaurant, and what I think is one of the coolest sea food restaurants in the world ( yes not just the country but the world).

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Frozen custard and 103 degrees… Las Vegas, NV

After spending the night in Salt Lake City, Brett and I drove to Las Vegas! This was my second trip to Las Vegas this year. I went at the end of March for my old roommate’s bachelor party. That is all you will hear about that trip, but while there, I had the intention of finding a non chain restaurant to shoot. With no luck back in the spring, this July trip was going to be different. I was going to find something I write a post about.

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The Gawd Awful in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City. It is the capital of Utah and was home to the 2002 Winter Olympics. I must admit, I only found out that it was the home of the University of Utah a few hours before Brett and I arrived. I would not say Salt Lake City qualifies as a college town, but since I was there, I had to see what great college food I could find. By the way, it was also where High School Musical was filmed. ( you can see that Brett was pretty excited to have found the high school that was used )

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a burger and a beer at the library? Laramie, WY

After a fun trip to Fort Collins, Brett and continued west towards California. On this leg of the trip we drove from Fort Collins to Salt Lake City. This required travel through the entire state of Wyoming and passing through Laramie. Laramie is home to the University of Wyoming. I love visiting college towns to see how they compare to my alma mater (the University of Wisconsin) I was excited to see how this UW stood up to mine.

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green chili beer and onion rings Fort Collins, CO

This week, I am bringing you the delicious food I discovered while in Fort Collins. In my last post, I brought you beer and onion rings from Vermont, I though this would segue nicely into bringing you the ones I discovered in Fort Collins.

Brett and I spent the second night of our Western Road Trip in Fort Collins. Earlier this year, I was in Boulder and discovered several hidden gems that University if Colorado students are lucky to frequent. How would Colorado State stand in comparison?

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