o no, my flautas are drowning! Austin, TX

When my friend Ryan told me about the Screaming Goat he had me hooked with two sentences. The first being, they serve awesome Tex Mex (I love Tex Mex) and then a restaurant with a name like Screaming Goat, how can you not want to see what that is all about?

I was told that Screaming Goat’s queso and drowning flautas were the items I had to tryt. First for the queso. I am a huge fan of queso, and Screaming Goat’s ranks right up there with some of the best I have had. It is cheesy with the right amount of heat from salsa added in.

If you are going to have queso, you have to have chips right? Thanks to Ryan for demonstrating proper technique for eating the queso. Look at it drip off the chip. Mmmmm

Now to the drowning flautas. What are those you ask? Well they are flautas, (tortillas rolled around a filling and deep fried. In this case I got chicken inside mine), that are covered with cheese and salsa and then “drowned” in this amazing tomatilla broth.

The tomatillo broth is like nothing I have ever had before. I am not sure how to describe it. It had heat, but did not make my mouth burn. Basically it was so good that after the flautas were gone, I decided to drink the broth. I could not let it go to waste. It is served in a bowl, so it was perfect for drinking out of, right?

Based upon the queso and flautas, I would have to assume everything on the rest of Screaming Goats menu is equally as tasty, I guess I will just have to make another trip when I return to Austin and find out  for myself.

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  1. says

    Oh, man! I’ve never heard of this place!! I have to check this out. Thanks for sharing. I love this Austin tour. It is quite convenient for me haha.

    • says


      I am glad you have enjoyed the austin posts, I ate at 17 places while there so I will be posting them through then next 2 weeks. You must try screaming goat, it is awesome! Thanks for stopping bye!

  2. Annamarie says

    I can’t believe I have never been to this place! Thanks for the new idea! I am ashamed that my Austin friends have not told me about such an awesome place with an awesome name!


  3. Mary says

    We have been here and it is certainly awesome and it’s cheap! It is also vegetarian friendly. I need to go back again and its high on my list of places to bring visitors to. So glad you enjoyed it. The flautas in the tomatillo broth is a favorite of my boyfriend’s as well.

  4. Amanda says

    The screaming goat is a knock off of the original Chicos Tacos in El Paso. The owners are from El Paso and made Chucos Tacos in Austin which they later had to change the name to the Screaming Goat. It’s delicious but doesn’t come close in comparison to the original

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