Not your normal place to find BBQ

I love BBQ. Last week I was in Baton Rouge for the 9th stop on the Tailgating Tour. I had a blast tailgating at LSU and look forward to sharing what I discovered later in the week, but on the way I went through Memphis.

Memphis is famous for their BBQ, so a trip to Memphis wouldn’t be complete with out BBQ for lunch. Memphis has a lot of great BBQ joints, but Interstate BBQ is one of their most famous. I went with the chopped pork sandwich. A heaping bun filled with delicious chopped pork that is covered in a delicious spicy tomato based BBQ sauce. I could not have asked for a better lunch.

I forgot to mention that my stop in Memphis was a layover at the airport. Yes they have awesome BBQ in the airport. One day I will have to make a trip back to Memphis and fully investigate the BBQ scene. If they can dish up great BBQ in an airport, I can only imagine what I will find when I venture outside.

I have eaten a lot of BBQ this year, so I thought I would share with you some of the great places I have been to. Just click on the picture to see the full post.

If you have been following my tailgate tour, you have probably seen some great BBQ on there as well. Just out of curiosity, how many of you would be interested in seeing a BBQ tour? It would be very similar to the tailgate tour, but would be all about BBQ!

Stay tuned later in the week for what I discovered at LSU. I ate 7 different animals.

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  1. says

    I do enjoy BBQ but love buffalo much more. Buffalo chicken cheesesteaks, best sandwich ever! I’ve always wanted to search for the best buffalo style sandwiches and the different varieties!

  2. Ned says

    BBQ tour sounds great, but also how about non-football tailgate tour? NASCAR certainly comes to mind, or the secret gem of steeplechase races. VA Gold Cup, Manor Races (MD), MD Hunt Cup, Camden (SC), PA Hunt Cup are all a blast!

  3. says

    Hey man, great to meet you last weekend in Baton Rouge! Best of luck with the rest of the tour, and I hope you enjoyed your visit as much as I enjoyed the Tigers beating Alabama!

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