North Carolina Pickle Festival

I don’t like pickles, but I know that I love food festivals (Brat Festival, Beer, Bourbon, BBQ, Soft Shell Crab).  So would I like a food festival that involved a food that I didn’t like? That was the question I was asking myself prior to attending the North Carolina Pickle Festival.


The North Carolina Pickle Festival takes place every year in Mount Olive, NC. Yes this is the same Mt. Olive where the famous Mt. Olive pickles are made. While the festival had all your traditional fair foods that I know I love (see above). I was here for the pickles.

There was no shortage of pickles to be found at this festival. Mt. Olive was the sponsor and gave out FREE pickles! Yes that is correct, the pickles were FREE. Being a guy who traditionally isn’t a fan of pickles, I was still pretty excited to hear this!

I tried both the dill spears and the sweet bread and butter slices, but my favorite way and really the only way that I enjoy eating pickles is fried… I have had both the fried spears in Clemson and the fried slices in Charlotte, and I enjoyed each. I might not enjoy pickles, but when fried and dipped in ranch, I become a big fan.

Mmmm fried dill pickle chips dipped in ranch. In my opinion that is the best way to celebrate the festival. You might be wondering what else is at a Pickle Festival? Well I thought A movie would be a better way to show you, so here you go!

North Carolina Pickle Festival from Taylor Mathis on Vimeo.





As you can see, the festival was pretty awesome! If you have yet to make it to a food festival I highly suggest you do! If you want to take pictures of the food at these festivals, then check out this post on the techniques I used to capture the shots you see in this post. Shooting at a Food Festival Photography Tips.


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  1. Lyle says

    Nice video! Are you using your 5D to take these videos or do you have a dedicated video camera?

  2. says

    oh yum–I love pickles of pretty much any kind! And thanks for all the great photography tips for shooting at food festivals! I remember my one and only attempt years ago turning out pretty bad, but with your advice in mind things should be a LOT better next time :)

  3. says

    What a PICKLICIOUS blog, photos & video!! Great work Taylor! Thank you so much for sharing this with the Mt. Olive Facebook Fan Page ( Would you mind if I post this under our videos? Of course I will post it with credits to you and a link to your blog and/or whatever link/info you would like us to post.

    Have a DILLightful day!
    Ollie Q. Cumber, Official Spokespickle for Mt. Olive Pickle Co.

  4. says

    I fell in love with deep-fried pickles in Alabama last Fall and you did them proud again in the video!
    Looks like a great time was had, thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    Oh, I want a 5D Mark II camera so badly. Your video looks great as well as the photos. I’ve never tried fried pickles, but I’ve heard so many people rave over them. Thanks for sharing your festival experience!

  6. says

    What, there is a pickles festival!? I must go next year. Beautiful photography to go along with such a deliciously, beautiful food. :)

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