National Praline Day

Happy National Praline Day! If you don’t know what a praline is, then you are missing out!

Pralines are confections consisting of nuts covered in a caramel sugar coating. One of my favorite places to get Pralines is in Savannah, GA.

River Street Sweets makes thousands of these delicious treats daily!

Hot melt in your mouth globs of caramel and pecan are spooned out and cooled on a marble table top. When cooled, these pralines will look like this.


You can eat the candies as they are, or you can use pralines in a variety of other dishes. After searching the web, here are some food bloggers that have done some pretty impressive things with pralines!

Andrea’s Recipes Bourbon Praline Pecans

Christina Marsigliese Coconut Praline Brownies

20 Something Cupcakes Praline Pumpkin Cheesecake

Citrus and Candy Salted Caramel Semifreddo with Salted Praline

Brownies for Dinner Praline Cookies

Very Culinary Praline Crunch Bars

Former Chef Fleur de Sel Praline

Sugar Plum Blog Oatmeal Sticky Toffee Pudding Cakes with salted Walnut Oatmeal Praline

Taste Better with Friends After the Dance Pralines

Chocolate and Carrots Pecan Pralines

Hopefully these recipes will help you enjoy Praline Day! Have a great weekend!

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    That is my absolute favorite place to get pralines too! Every year we travel down to Savannah and just spend hours walking downtown…always stopping in to get at least a dozen pralines. Yum!!! Thank you so much for including my recipe in your post, Taylor! :-)

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