National Egg Day…

Happy National Egg Day!

It is Friday, so I am celebrating another National Food Day! Today is a celebration of eggs. (it is also National Doughnut Day, but it would be trouble if I celebrated that, maybe next year). The incredible edible egg has thousands of uses in cooking and there is no way that I could showcase them all. So I went with a less common approach. When you think eggs most thoughts lead to breakfast or in baking. Unless you are Italian, I am sure pasta isn’t one of the first things to cross your mind.

Well say hello to Carbonara! Pasta alla Carbonara is a style of pasta dish that contains egg, parmesan, pork, and black pepper. I have had this delicious dish many times in restaurants, but never made it on my own. This lead me to consulting my friend Paula’s Blog. On Bell’alimento she has hundreds of delicious Italian recipes. Pasta Carbonara is her all time favorite pasta dish, so she seemed to be the go to resource in making this dish.

Click Here to go to her recipe She also made a video recipe that will eliminate any fears you might have of making this dish.

Paula’s recipe called for spaghetti, but I accidentally grabbed capellini which is much thinner, but it seemed to work just as well.

Mmm delicious!

For those of you in Austin This is my all time favorite egg dish..

Migas! If you are in Austin, I highly suggest you go to Cisco’s and try them out!



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  1. says

    Ah! My 2 favorite people in 1 post! So exciting :)

    Migas in Austin? What is this Cisco’s place you speak of? Migas are the best at Magnolia Cafe & Kerbey Lane, nowhere else ;)

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