National Drink Wine Day!

Well it is another Friday, and with that comes another national food day celebration. Today, February 18th, is a celebration of Wine! Yes it is National Drink Wine Day! (how fitting it is on a Friday)  It seems almost to obvious what should be done on this day, so I decided to take a little twist on the subject… While tailgating across the country this past fall, I noticed that the mimosa was an incredibly popular way to start your day. For some of us non college students, cracking a beer open at 7am is not the easiest thing to do. Luckily, there is something about the combination of orange juice and champagne that just gets the morning started off right. The mimosa is a pretty simple concept, just equal parts orange juice and champagne. My mom and I got to thinking, what variations could we take on this classic wine drink? Here is what we came up with This was my favorite of the combination. The champagne is replaced by prosecco (a dry italian sparkling wine) and the orange juice is replaced with pineapple juice. This creates a Prosecco and Pineapple. Garnished with an orange slice on top, this is a delicious way to start National Wine Drinking Day! This was my mom’s favorite. A Ruby Red Rose. This consisted of 1/3 parts grape fruit juice and 2/3 part rose champagne. Tangy and delicious. The final wine combination is the whiny watermelon. For this drink you get rid of the bubbles and use a white zinfandel and mix with equal parts watermelon juice ( I found it in the aisle where they have the refrigerated juice cartons at the grocery store). Garnish with a piece of watermelon. Of course you can always drink a bottle of your favorite wine! However you decide to celebrate National Drink Wine Day I hope you have a great one! I know this is one national food day that I can definitely raise my glass to!

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    Yeah, I’m going to need to try all 3 of these. On Monday. Before a staff meeting. And probably after too.

    I can see Pineapple & Prosecco replacing mimosas on brunch menus across the country! I love the idea!

    Happy Friday!

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    I just added my picture for National Drink Wine Day. I was going to skip today since we rarely drink wine and don’t keep it in the house. Photography is about illusion so I shot “faux sparking wine”. I finally got to use my beautiful flutes.

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    Thanks for helping promote National Drink Wine Day this year! We had such a great time this year and every day it get a little bigger and better as more people become involved.

    Thanks again for supporting National Drink Wine Day!

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