National Brown Cow Day!

Happy National Brown Cow Day! What’s a Brown Cow? Well it is just another name for a root beer float!

Like all food holidays, the best way to celebrate is to consume the food you are celebrating. Naturally, this lead me to making a root beer float!

To start you need a cold bottle of your favorite brand of root beer and a frosty cold glass.

Add several scoops of vanilla ice cream followed by the rootbeer!

You are left with a delicious frost dessert that can be eaten with a spoon or a straw! Word of caution, don’t pour the root beer in too fast, it foams up as you pour so you could end up with a giant root beer mess! There is not too much to the recipe. The higher quality ingredients (root beer and vanilla ice cream) you use, the more flavor and complex tastes you will create!

Your ratio of ice cream to root beer is completely up to you! personally, I like to load mine up with ice cream and eat it with a spoon! This is a great cool treat for a hot summer day! Have a great weekend and a great Brown Cow Day!


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