My favorite fried food! Madison, WI

Fried cheese curds are my favorite fried food! I know you might be thinking, “What is so special about little fried pieces of cheese ?”

They are so much more than that. Cheese curds are the little bits of cheddar cheese that form in the cheese making process and will be pressed into blocks and aged. They have a higher moisture content than regular cheese and “squeak” against your teeth when you eat them. The squeak is how you can tell they are fresh. When you batter and fry these squeaky little treats¬† you have created a new food that is impossible to put down! In my opinion, The Old Fashioned has the best cheese curds in town. They ratio of batter to cheese is perfect. The batter they use creates a light crispy texture that encases the hot almost liquid cheese within. WARNING by introducing ranch to the curds before eating them you may find yourself fighting over the last one, or ordering a second batch.

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