Milkshakes for breakfast? Madison,WI

Wisconsin is known for its bars, but Mickies Dairy Bar is not your typical bar. Yes there is a bar with red swivel bar stools in the center of the room and booths on the outside walls, but the similarities stop there.

Mickies is atypical in that it closes at 2:30pm as opposed to the usual bar time of 2:30am. Located across the street from Camp Randall (the football stadium), it is THE place for breakfast in Madison. For decades they have been putting out amazing milkshakes, pancakes, eggs, bacon, and many other breakfast staples. My first experience at Mickies was on my recruiting trip to Wisconsin during my senior year of highschool. I had pretty much made up my mind that I was going to be a badger, but the thought of having 4 years of Mickies trips ahead of me definitely might have made the decision final.

I returned to Mickies last week for the first time in almost two years, and as expected nothing had changed. The only payment is cash, you seat yourself, there is a line to get a seat, the menus are on the back wall, and most importantly the food will leave you full.

As usual, I started my meal off with a strawberry milkshake. You can choose from a wide range of flavors including blueberry, banana, mint, coffee, and chocolate to name a few. I always go with strawberry. The milkshake was THICK,  as any good milkshake should be. Made with real ice cream and real strawberries this was one serious shake. It was served in its metal mixing container with a cup or two (depending on if you wanted to share). The saddest part of the shake was when it was finished.

Next time I will show you Mickies Blueberry Coffee Cake…….

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  1. Katy Huff says

    As if the internet knew I skipped my *weekly* friday morning (7am!) mickie’s breakfast… your post popped up in taste spotting to chastise me..

    Sweet review.

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