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At the Farmers Market, I visited one of my favorite booths, Madison Sourdough. While visiting the booth, I learned that Madison Sourdough had a new bakery on Willy St (Its Williamson St but it commonly goes by Willy St). I had to go and visit.

I decided to stop at the bakery for a late breakfast, early lunch. The bakery’s cafe serves both breakfast and lunch, I decided to go the lunch route. Upon looking at the menu I could choose between a variety of sandwiches. I went with the Chicken Salad.

This is not your typical chicken salad sandwich.

Mmm look at that. Large chunks of chicken from local Jen Ehr farm, fresh grapes, pine nuts all on country sour dough bread. It was also served with mixed greens.

The sandwich was probably some of the best chicken salad that I have ever had. The large chunks of tender roasted chicken had just the right amount of mayo and seasonings mixed in. The grapes and pine nuts provided texture and flavor. I have had chicken salad that has too much mayo and is bland. Not the case with this sandwich.

As you can see Madison Sourdough makes a wide range of breads. A part of their philosophy is transparency. They use fresh local ingredients whenever possible, and expose their customers to how their food is created. A symbol of this is seen in how they serve their beverages.

Coffee in a mason jar! If you have been following the blog, you might have noticed I am a big fan of mason jars. I think they are the most useful container around.  This is the first time I had seen coffee in a mason jar. Add another use for the ever so versatile mason jar.

If you are in Madison and have not checked out Madison Sourdough Company I suggest you do. I only wish their new store was around when I used to live there.

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