Macaroni and Cheese on Pizza? Madison WI

In college, the majority of macaroni and cheese I ate was on a pizza like you see above. Ian’s pizza is the place to go when you want a meal, but in pizza form.

I think Ian’s has your classic flavors like cheese and pepperoni, but honestly I wouldn’t know (I did check their website and they do). When you are presented with flavors like Macaroni and Cheese and BBQ steak and fries why just settle for the usual ? Macaroni and Cheese is a very unique flavor for pizza. Instead of a tomato sauce base this pizza has cheese topped with elbow macaroni and then finished with more cheese. After baking in the oven you are left with a flavor combination that is a must try! Later in the week I will bring you more unique flavors that Ian’s offers.

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  1. Shayla says

    Mmm, Ians! Truly one of my favorite places in Madison. As a freshman I usually only at the Pepperoni pizza, but occasionally mixed it up with either Pepperoni and Mushroom or Mac-n-Cheese. Now, in my old age, I regularly enjoy Steak and Fries, Philly Cheesesteak, Guacamole Burrito (my favorite in the summer months) and Papa Bandit (which has potato slices, bacon, ranch, bbq sauce and cheddar cheese). To say the least-there is something for everyone!

  2. says

    I am so very glad there’s an Ian’s in Chicago, and also glad it’s not terribly close to me. I could live on their mac-n-cheese, Smokey Bandit, crab rangoon, and other weird flavored pizza until I was dead of heart disease (which would be maybe a month). The best thing about them is that they’re not hung up on the gimmick of unusual toppings – they’ve also got some of the best crusts in the business. Thanks for reactivating my previously dormant craving for Ian’s.

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