last meal in Fort Collins

After eating at CooperSmith’s, Beau Jo’s, Butter Cream and Walrus the night before, Brett and I still had one more meal to eat at before leaving Fort Collins. The only way to start a day is with a great breakfast right? That was our logic. For this meal our friend, and current Colorado State Student, Emily joined us. With her being a local, the decision of where to eat was in her hands.

Her place of choice…. Rainbow. Rainbow is this little house right off College Street (the main drag where all the restaurants I have eaten at so far are). It is directly across the street from the University and over the last 38 years has served up some pretty amazing food. With three diners at this meal this means 3 entrees. First up, Emily’s “Fabulous Fruit Crepe”

A crepe filled with fresh fruit and vanilla yoghurt. Sprinkled with homemade granola and topped with whipped cream. Mmm Looks delicious.Next up, Brett’s….

Banana Rum French Toast. French toast topped with grilled bananas, butter rum sauce, whipped cream and walnuts!

Mmm look at those bananas, walnuts and french toast! Brett was definitely happy with this decision. And now for my meal.

Looks messy, but usually the messiest breakfast dishes are the best! Remember the scrambler in Madison? Incredibly messy, but incredibly delicious.

Mmmm. Santa Fe Eggs. An open faced quesadilla with two eggs, avocado, onions, tomatoes, olives, green chilies, and lettuce. Topped with salsa. Very messy to eat, but like the scrambler. Amazing. I love Mexican food and I love breakfast, so naturally Mexican food for breakfast I find quite amazing.

Well thanks to Brett and Emily for dining with me, and letting me take pictures of their food before they started eating. Emily definitely made a good decision in suggesting Rainbow. Perfect fuel for Brett and I to head to Salt Lake City.

Next up what I discovered in Wyoming!

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    oh my stars this all looks SO DANG GOOD !! that french toast might make an appearance in my kitchen this weekend… those eggs look perfect – my favorite way to have eggs besides MIGAS, preferably in Austin. :)

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