i have no idea how someone could eat 7 of these… Austin,TX

Behold the Don Juan at Juan in a Million. You might have seen this on the travel channel’s Man v Food. I know I did. That combined with my friends in Austin going there after Saturday morning practice and never being able to eat more than 2 of them. ( My friends swam at the University of Texas and like me, had huge appetites after practice. I would sometimes eat this after practice: scrambler, coffee cake, milkshake )

Upon walking up to the building I immediately recognized it from the Travel Channel. It was time to see what the Don Juan was really about. It takes 8 to break the record, could I do it? It was time to find out.

Of course chips and salsa were presented to start the meal. After my time in Austin, I have come to miss having chips and salsa all the time. I would love it if every restaurant offered them. Why eat bread when chips and salsa are a million times better ?

There it is. The Don Juan. Man v Food showed that it was 1 whole potato, seasonings, 2 eggs, and bacon. Of course it is covered with cheese to finish.

My friend Sean told me that you need to order 2 extra tortillas. It is impossible to eat the whole thing in one.

Sean is demonstrating correct form for eating the Don Juan. Keep in mind you are looking at 1/3 of the entire Don Juan. Imagine someone repeating this 21 times! The record for most Don Juans is 7. I have no idea how that is possible. I was barely able to finish one. It might not look like a lot of food, but there is something about the potato that sneaks up on you. You do not realize how filling a whole potato is! I must say that I was somewhat humbled in my experience here. I was fully prepared to try and go for the record, but I must say I came NO where close. If you ever go to Juan in a Million I would love to here about how many you can eat ?

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  1. says

    WOAH. I wouldn’t even be able to finish one THIRD of these! That person who ate seven of them literally ate a week’s worth of my food o.O

    Looks delicious… I’m not a big fan of potatoes though :S


  2. says

    I saw that on that TV show. I, too, don’t know how one person could finish a dish that looks like it could serve a family of four! Hah! But I guess some people have expand-o-stomachs. ;)

  3. Annamarie says

    I love going here! My boyfriend has tried and could only get through the first plate! I don’t know who could finish so many of these! Insane!! But soooo good!

  4. says

    I just tried this place too for the first time and I finished the whole thing with just two tortillas and was still hungry! I think I could do 8 no problem, but I shouldn’t attempt it. It’d be wrong!

  5. Mary says

    This is also a favorite for us, and my 14yo son can only eat half of the Don Juan before throwing down the napkin. LOL

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