Grownup Vanilla Cherry Ice Cream Float

Can a cocktail be a dessert? What about a dessert becoming a cocktail? This Grownup Vanilla Cherry Ice Cream Float is the answer to these questions. Vanilla flavored cola and Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream added together make a delicious ice cream float. Vanilla flavored cola and cherry infused bourbon make a smooth and relaxing cocktail. When you combine the three ingredients together, you create a dish that could be served at the beginning, middle, or end of the meal!

The Grownup Vanilla Cherry Ice Cream Float comes together quite easily! Add the ice cream to a pint glass. Then pour in the cola and bourbon!



Ice Cream Float
Serves one

1 cup vanilla flavored cola
1/4 cup cherry infused bourbon (recipe below)
2 large scoops cherry vanilla ice cream

In chilled pint glass add the ice cream. Pour the cherry bourbon over it. Top with the vanilla cola. Serve with a long stemmed spoon.

Cherry Infused Bourbon

3 1/2 cups good quality bourbon
2 cups sweetened dried tart cherries

In a large lidded glass jar add the bourbon. Add the cherries. Close lid. Shake until blended. Place the jar on a shaded counter top. Let sit for 7 days, shaking once a day. Strain the cherries from the bourbon. Cover the bourbon and store in a cool, dark place until needed.

Recipe © Sally James

Photography ©Taylor Mathis



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