Frozen custard and 103 degrees… Las Vegas, NV

After spending the night in Salt Lake City, Brett and I drove to Las Vegas! This was my second trip to Las Vegas this year. I went at the end of March for my old roommate’s bachelor party. That is all you will hear about that trip, but while there, I had the intention of finding a non chain restaurant to shoot. With no luck back in the spring, this July trip was going to be different. I was going to find something I write a post about.

Brett and I were incredibly excited to find frozen custard! What is Frozen custard you ask? Well let me make this clear… IT IS NOT ICE CREAM. It is so much more. I first experienced frozen custard when I was going to school in Madison. Wow, did it open new doors. So why is frozen custard different than ice cream? Well the differences lie in the ingredients and the process used to make it. The biggest difference is in the ingredients. According to the FDA Code of regulations Title 21, Chapter 1, Subpart B, Section 135.110

“Except in the case of frozen custard, ice cream contains less than 1.4 percent egg yolk solids by weight of the food, exclusive of the weight of any bulky flavoring ingredients used. Frozen custard shall contain 1.4 percent egg yolk solids by weight of the finished food”

So legally when you add 1.4 percent egg yolks you are now dealing with a frozen custard! Also during the overrun process of making ice cream (air being added to the ingredient to increase the volume) only 20% air is added to custard while ice cream can have as much as 100% added. The less air, the denser the final product.

So really custard in not the same as ice cream at all. The best way to see the differences is to try for yourself! Ok enough lecturing, time for the pictures.

To arrive at our custard, Brett and I had to travel to the end of the strip. Past the Stratosphere ( the tower with aweosme rides on top, I suggest riding them at night) we found Luv It Frozen Custard. For almost 4o years,  Luv It has been serving some pretty amazing frozen custard. I use the term frozen loosely. It was 103 degres outside when Brett and I got our custard. Nothing stayed frozen for long.

As you can see I was not the only one who was in the mood for custard that afternoon. To be able to take pictures and eat custard, Brett and I went one at a time. Brett decided to go with the Luv it Special.

Vanilla custard, fresh frozen strawberries, salted pecans and a maraschino cherry on top!

As you can see, Brett enjoyed it! Luv it has a limited daily flavor selection. They by no means have a shortage to the flavors they create, but they are limited in the number of flavors they offer each day. Vanilla and chocolate are offered every day, with an additional two special flavors. For this trip, those flavors were butter pecan and peppermint. I decided to go with a peppermint waffle cone.

Brett has served as a great hand model throughout the trip ( ice cream, pizza, french fries, more ice cream ) so I think he could handle frozen custard.

The 103 degree temperature severely decreased my shooting time. I am not necessarily complaining, it allowed me to try the delicious custard sooner!  103 is not the ideal temperature to shoot ice cream in. I enjoyed the 18 degrees in Madison much more. . The custard was smooth and velvety. No signs of ice chunks found in ice cream. Silky and smooth. If you have never tried frozen custard you have to give it a try!

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