Fried Mushrooms at The Esso Club Clemson, SC

Another appetizer that I had to try while at The Esso Club was their Fried Mushrooms. I am not a fan of mushrooms, but I am a fan of fried foods.

Given these facts I had to see if I would enjoy mushrooms fried. I must admit that they were better than I had anticipated, but I still had a problem with the mushroom inside. The fried coating was nice and crispy and if you like mushrooms you would love the mushrooms inside. I am now convinced that if fried mushrooms dipped in ranch can not make me like mushrooms, nothing can.

When in Clemson, I do suggest you make a stop at The Esso Club for the atmosphere and “fuel” (this is reference to the Fried pickles post). Have you ever been at The Esso Club on game day?

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