Food Photography Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

 Are you having trouble with your food photography?

Food Blogging today is no longer just having great recipes and writing, you have to have the pictures to go with it. As a professional food photographer, I want to help you learn to take better pictures of your food!

As you have probably noticed, great food pictures don’t just happen. Every great shot has some level of planning behind it. From lighting, to styling, to propping, and composing, there is a lot to think about!

If you are looking to further your food photography knowledge, check out the series of food related articles that I have written for the photography site, Fstoppers. Below are links to some of the articles, you might find most helpful.

One Light Food Photography

Don’t Let Your Outfit Cause A Color Cast

How To Pre-light With A Non-edible Stand-in

Gaining Inspiration Through Using A Color Wheel

How To Find Your Best Natural Light Source

The One Modifier I Always Travel With

A Portable And Inexpensive Seamless Background System

How To Choose An Aperture For Your Food Photography

$5 Fixes For Your Food Photography

Creating Your Own Food Photography Backgrounds

The Best Lens For Food Photography


If you have a specific topic you want to know more about or questions or just general ideas for things you would like to see leave a comment and I will try and answer your questions.

If you’re ready to begin improving your food photography right now! Click below for a free course I have created for you! 









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