Feta on Fries at 3 am? Athens, GA

The Grill, in Athens, GA, will fix your hunger problem any hour of the day. It is open 24 hours and serves a wide variety of awesome diner food.

For my grill adventure, I went with a strawberry shake and french fries with feta dressing. The shake was awesome. Thick and creamy, with a nice strawberry flavor. You could drink it out of the metal mixing container, or pour it into a paper cone. If you are having a shake, then you are going to need something to eat with it right? To cure my hunger I went french fries and feta dressing, I had never had feta with fries before. It is definitely something that I will be eating again. The feta dressing was thick and rich with plenty of pieces of feta cheese in it. The fries had an interesting shape to them. They were thick versions of the ridged fries that you see in the groceries freezer. You could definitely tell that these fries were from real whole potatoes. Whatever the time of day, The Grill is definitely a place you should dine at.

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  1. Penny says

    I can barely believe it! I am new to Feta cheese and when I eat it I can’t help but think of escalloped potatoes with Feta. So it tickles me to think of a thing and then turn around a read a random post about something soooo similar. Yummy

  2. Melissa says

    I live in Athens. The Grill is a must anytime anyone comes to visit. We pretty much force them to try the feta dressing. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love it, including my 3 year old.

  3. Lindsey says

    Peanut butter, bacon, banana donut from Ike and Jane’s. You’d just have to plan in advance if you wanted to eat it late-night…unless your awake until open…

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