Deep Fried Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough…

Mmmmm Deep Fried Cookie Dough. In October, while at the State of Fair of Texas for the Red River Rivalry, I discovered this treat. For the last 5 months, I have been wanting to recreate it for myself. Well that time has arrived…


Here is the original inspiration. I am developing this for my Tailgating Tour Book Proposal, so I wanted the dish to have an egg less dough that would be safe to take to a tailgate.

With an egg less dough there is no worries about salmonella that could happen when consuming raw cookie dough. The lack of eggs gives the dough a slightly different consistency than your normal cookie dough, but when fried and warm, it is delicious!

Here is what I came up with.



Deep Fried Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Makes 12 servings


4 tbsp softened butter
1/4 cup light brown sugar
3 tbsp sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1/4 tsp salt

1/2 cup  flour

1/4 cup chocolate chips
1-2 tbsp water
corn starch for rolling dough in

In a large mixing bowl, cream together light brown sugar, sugar and butter. While mixing, add vanilla and 1 tbsp of oil, followed by slowly adding the 1/2 cup flour. Add salt, followed by second tbsp of oil. The dough may be dry and crumbly. While mixing, slowly add enough water to give the dough a moist but not overly wet consistency. Mix in chocolate chips.

Remove from mixer and roll dough between your palms into ping pong size balls. Roll in corn starch, shake to remove excess flour.

1 Egg
1 cup Ice Cold Water
1 cup Self Rising flour
2 tbsp Confectioners Sugar

With a fork, mix together egg and water. Add flour and sugar to egg and water mix. Dip cookie dough balls in batter, make sure that the dough is completely covered in batter so that they won’t leak out dough when frying. Using a slotted spoon or mesh spider quickly place 3-4 at a time in 375 F oil for 1 and a half to 2 minutes minutes until golden brown on the outside.  Serve in paper trays and top with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar.

©Taylor Mathis


When done, it should look something like this…

You can eat it like this or top it with powdered sugar and chocolate syrup !

Either way…

This dessert won’t last very long!



On a side note…

With Thursday being Saint Patrick’s Day I thought I would share the only food tradition I do for the Holiday.

GREEN BEER! Even though this beverage is pretty self explanatory to  make (green food coloring and beer), I still thought I would demonstrate how. Have a great St Patty’s day!


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  1. says

    We just discovered your blog and those cookie balls look FREAKIN’ amazing!!! But, Dude, the green beer??? Sounds like you might need to visit our blog and check out our Irish Mojito recipe! It’s green AND delicious! Cheers!

    The Fashionably Bombed Girls

    • says

      Flannery & Katherine Thanks! Glad you like the cookie dough. I looked at the mojito, it looks great! Yes, what can I say, I do like my green beer on St. Patrick’s day!

  2. says

    Oh my God the deep fried cookie dough looks amazing and your amazing photos have made my mouth water! I love the photo of the deep fried dough drizzled in chocolate syrup. Looks like heaven!

  3. Alicia says

    Looks delish, just like the ones at the fair! Quick question: How much chocolate chips did you use for the recipe? I don’t see them listed… Thanks!

  4. says

    You are killing me. I haven’t even had breakfast yet and now all I want deep fried dough.

    On another note: love your site! Keep up the great work.

  5. Erica says

    They look absolutely amazing. Why do you use self-rising flour for the batter? Would it work ok if I used all-purpose? I only ask because they look so good I want to make them ASAP but I only have all purpose in the house.

    • says

      Erica! So glad to hear that you liked it. It should work with regular, there is really only one way to find out, try it and see. I used Self Rising because it is what I had on hand, and I was very happy with the results! I hope you enjoy them!

  6. says

    I saw this on Tastespotting or foodgawker the other day and was in love, then you just came up in stumbledupon so I figure it must be fate. I have got to try these.

  7. DP says

    Looks fantastic!

    BTW, note that you can get pasteurized eggs — Bristol Farms carries them where we live — so that you can have raw eggs in your cookie dough or caesar salads and not have to worry about salmonella.

  8. Miranda says

    This is beautiful. My fiancee and I are working on a Carnival/Fair themed reception when we get married in 2012 all we’ve found so far besides the typical funnel cake was deep fried Coke and Deep fried bananas… I’m totally gonna suggest this to him now!

  9. says

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and for definitely making me hungry – I am salivating here in Australia! Keep up the fun posts!

  10. says

    hey i tried your recipe at my home last day and now replying you its taste sooooooooooooooo delicious thanks for sharing such a nice recipe and please keep it up….

  11. Laura says

    Oh dear sweet lord, these look amazing! Trying these asap :) I’m surprised the health nuts haven’t stomped through the comments yet, they’re always around to rain on somebody’s indulgent parade, lol

  12. Zee says

    Oh. My. Goodnessgraciousahdfrwekdwmejunfwlc.
    Tried these today and they were A-MAZING. I feel obese now, but it was totally worth it.
    Thanks for making me enjoy and shorten my lifespan. ;D

  13. says

    Just found this site through SU – fantastic recipe – what you need to do is a video cooking these it would be so awesome seeing these little bombs of chocolate heaven being made.

    Please make a video. Great stuff thanks.

    Do you have any other recipe / ideas like this

  14. Amanda says

    hey, i am a misplaced Texan living in washington state at the moment. Am having an grown up girls sleepover at my house this weekend and want to make these. What type of oil would you fry them in?

  15. Trevor says

    Hey you guys are gonna get fat by eating these. I made a batch now I have muffin tops. Im also probably gonna die earlier now….

  16. Nicole says

    I had some at Torchy’s last night in Dallas for the first time–I just about died they were so amazing. Yours looks just like them. I’ve gotta try it!! :)

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