cinnamon roll as a scone…

I recently showed you the savory thyme, dried cherry, and almond scone. The other type of scone is a sweet one. When making a sweet scone how can you get sweeter than a deconstructed cinnamon roll!

To make this, follow the recipe for the savory scones, but substitute vanilla for the cognac and instead of thyme, dried cherry, almond, and black pepper use rum soaked raisins and cinnamon sugar topping (the kind of topping you would use on cinnamon toast).

To finish, garnish with icing!

Here are the results up close.

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    O-M-G! You’re so mean! haha That close-up photo is totally getting to me. What a fantastic idea to make scones this way. I have to try this out one day. Thanks for sharing.

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