cinco de mayo or just an excuse to make guacamole?

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! In honor of the holiday I have decided to make guacamole. I love guacamole. During the year and a half that I lived in Santa Barbara I developed very strong feelings for this lovey green dish. My friend Levi had a 40ft tall avocado tree in his back yard. Imagine walking outside to pick fresh avocados every morning. Would you get sick of guacamole? I don’t think I could.

Guacamole is great because you can truly make it your own. Here is a recipe I use.

3 ripe large hass avocados

1 red bell pepper (diced)

1 roma tomato (diced)

juice of 1 lime

handful of chopped fresh cilantro

dash cayenne pepper

1 onion (diced)

1 jalapeno (diced)

salt and pepper to taste

Pretty much all you do is scoop out the avocado into a bowl. With a spoon mash it up until it is a nice smooth green paste. I like mine kind of chunky, so I left chunks of avocado in it. Take the remaining ingredients and mix them into a bowl with the avocado. Really there is no right or wrong way to make guacamole. As long as you have fresh avocado, you can just add whatever you like! Have fun with it.

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    … and shrimp enchiladas with green tomatillo sauce and cotija cheese! have you ever tried chipotle powder in your guac?



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