Issue 5 of Photographing FOOD!

Photographing FOOD Issue 5 is now out! The theme of this Issue: “After The Shot!” The first 4 issues were designed to help you with your lighting, propping, styling, and the technical sides of food photography. In Issue 5 I will show you how to take these images you have made and make them even better! Through post processing, cropping, and adding text you can bring out the full potential in your food images!


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That isn’t all. With this issue, I have created two sets of photographing FOOD presets! These Lightroom® Presets were designed based on the light source you were shooting with. Don’t know what a preset is? Think of a preset as a “recipe” for enhancing a photo. Some presets will make a photo look more vintage, some will make an image brighter, and others will add contrast! Presets are applied during post production in Adobe® Lightroom@. Sara had the analogy that presets are like what you do to your phone pictures with intstagram!


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Preset Pack number one is the Window Lighting Pack. These presets were designed to enhance images taken in natural window light! Here is a look at what the presets do when applied to an image.


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Preset Pack number two is based off of an artificial light source. These presets were designed to enhance images taken with a tungsten light or a flash! Here are what these presets do!

Want both packs? Then the combo pack is for you!


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Thank you to everyone who has supported photographing FOOD so far! I hope you enjoy this issue and the presets!


Photographing FOOD Issue 4


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photographing FOOD Issue 4 is now out! In this issue, I wanted to focus on ingredient and process shots. Due to the poor lighting conditions found  in most kitchens, these shots are often ignored. In this issue, I will show you how you can turn these potentially boring and un-interesting shots into images that will make your viewers hungry for the final dish! Why just have a beautiful final image of your food? Wouldn’t it make sense to have every picture of a recipe be one that will make people hungry?

In this issue I will cover…..

  • How to make the ingredients the star of a photo
  • How to use shutter speed creatively
  • Why I love shooting with a Macro lens
  • High-key and low-key lighting
  • How ingredients can visually effect a recipe
  • And much more!

Like every issue of photographing food, the issue is a downloadable full color PDF  that can be read on your computer, iPhone, and iPad. For $5 you will receive 40 pages of behind the scenes and step by step shots.

Here are a few of the final shots that I will show you how to take.

and a few of the pages inside…


I hope you enjoy issue 4! If you haven’t taken a look at photographing FOOD yet, issues 1,2, and 3 are available at



photographing FOOD Issue 3!

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Issue 3 of photographing food is out! This issue is all about shooting with artificial light! Are you occupied with family or work during daylight hours? Are you only able to take pictures of food at night? Have you been struggling with finding ways to create beautiful images of your food using artificial light? Intimidated by using a flash? Have difficulty with reflective surfaces? Don’t worry! In this issue, I am going to walk you through how to make beautiful pictures of your food once the sun has gone down…

Here are the pictures that you will learn how to take!

Like all the other issues of photographing FOOD, this Ezine is a full color downloadable PDF ! For more information on this and past issues check out photographing FOOD.

If cart is not working, Issue 3 can be purchased here.


photographing FOOD Issue 2!


Thank you to everyone who has supported the first issue of photographing FOOD! I wanted to let you know that Issue 2 is now out! This issue is all about color theory and camera controls! Stuck on what colors to use in your images? Can’t decide what background will be best? You will love this guide to color theory and bringing harmony to your pictures. In the camera section, you will learn all about aperture, camera angles, and the secrets to using a tripod arm and shooting tethered through your computer. That’s not all. Do you ever wonder if you need an expensive DSLR to take beautiful pictures? I will walk you through a 4 camera challenge using the same subject and 4 different types of cameras.

Here is a sneak peek of what you will find inside!

If you enjoyed issue 1, you will love issue 2! Like issue 1, it is available as a downloadable PDF formatted for your computer screen, iPad or iPhone.


Missed Issue 1? Check it out here!

Photographing FOOD Issue 1 Window Lighting

Did you receive a new camera for Christmas? Is your New Year’s resolution to improve your food photography? If you have a passion for pictures, I have something you will love! Today I am introducing a new series of food photography tutorials. Say hello to photographing FOOD.

Many of you have asked about my workshops and if I will be doing one near you. Here is my solution. I am bringing my workshop to you! In each issue of photographing FOOD, I will walk you through a topic related to food photography.




Window lighting is the simplest and least expensive way to light your images. All you need is a window! Don’t have a window? Not a problem. I will show you how your garage door can easily be used to make a great daylight studio. Don’t have access to daylight shooting hours? Don’t worry.

The three images above were taken at night with a $10 light source. Short on space? Don’t let that stop you. These images were all taken on a kitchen counter or on the floor. This issue is filled with step by step and behind the scene shots showing you exactly how I arrived at each final shot.



Want to know exactly what is in this issue? Take a look at the table of contents.

No matter what your skill level or experience, there is something for everyone in photographing FOOD. This issue is available as a downloadable PDF. It is formatted to read beautifully on your computer, ipad or iphone. Take a look! I think you will enjoy what you find.



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Taking pictures of Flowers



Taking pictures of flowers is not all that different from taking pictures of food. In fact many of the same principles are involved. With spring flowers in full bloom, I suggest experimenting with taking beautiful pictures of the flowers around you. In fact, when I first got into photography, flowers were what I enjoyed taking pictures of the most.

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Squash with two light sources

Fall is here. With the new season comes a variety of new foods. Let’s take a look at the Butternut Squash. I love squash roasted with butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar. Delicious. With squash season comes a problem though; shorter days. This means less time to shoot with natural light. Don’t worry, there is a solution though.

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As the seasons change, so should your color palette

Technically, the first day of fall was September 23rd. Not until today did it feel like fall to me. I am not sure what it was that made today the day when fall finally hit me.  I love fall! It is without a doubt my favorite season! I welcome the break from mid ninety degree temperatures and love wearing long sleeves, light jackets, and sweaters. Most importantly it is college football tailgating season!  I love drinking pumpkin flavored drinks, and well eating anything pumpkin flavored ! With the change of seasons come not only changes in what you eat, but more importantly your color palette!

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