Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar Charlotte,NC

Big Daddy’s (as I call it) opened while I was living in Wisconsin. When I returned home for a visit, my brothers told me that I had to check Big Daddy’s out. I took their advice, and I was hooked. For the next 2 years every time that I was home, a Big Daddy’s visit was a must. I love that I live in Charlotte now and can go any time I want.

Enough about me, lets talk about the food. As the name states, Big Daddy’s is in the business of making some amazing burgers. I can’t decide on a favorite, so today I went for a Buffalo patty topped with Monterey Jack, crispy fried onions, BBQ sauce, lettuce, red onions and tomato. This in Big Daddy’s land is known as the Western. Of course, I could not turn down sweet potato fries as my side. If you have never had sweet potato fries then I really feel bad for you. They are amazing. In my opinion soooooooooooo much better than regular french fries.

When my food arrived, I was glad that I brought my appetite to the table. If you think the burger in the picture looks large,  you are right. There are no photoshop tricks here. That buffalo patty is piled high with crispy fried onions. They provide a nice crunch and sweet after taste. The buffalo patty was cooked very well. Buffalo meat is lower in fat than beef, but sacrificing this fat can lead to a dry buffalo patty. Not the case with Big Daddy’s patty. There’s was juicy and delicious.

Big Daddy’s does not just have a Western Burger, their menu includes 12 specialty burgers, a Mexican hot dog (bacon wrapped deep fried hot dog, you might see this as a blog of its own one day) giant salads and a wide variety of appetizers. If one of their specialty Burgers does not strike your fancy then you can build your own. Between their wide range of patties, toppings, and condiments their are thousands of choices. Our vegetarian friends have no fear! There are Portabella or Black bean burgers for you to choose from. If you are in the mood for an awesome burger check Big Daddy’s out! Enjoy!

Big Daddy’s has changed its name to Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, but don’t worry. It still has all of the same great burgers!


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