bbq capital of texas… Lockhart,TX

I showed you my BBQ adventure to Salt Lick, but to really understand  what Texans call BBQ, a trip to the BBQ capital of Texas was necessary. BBQ capital of Texas you ask? Is there such a thing?

Well yes there is. Lockhart,TX. According to the Texas State constitution, this is the BBQ capital of Texas! Here is a letter from the Texas house of Representatives proving it!

There are 4 huge BBQ restaurants in Lockhart (about 40 minutes away from Austin). On this adventure I went to Black’s. Black’s has been turning out great BBQ by the same family since 1932!

The outside of the building might not look like much, but looks with restaurants can be very deceiving. A lot of times the best food can be found in non descript looking buildings. I love the sign that they are open 8 days a week. If only there was an 8th day, I think it should be entitled BBQday. When you walk in, it is pretty easy to figure out what to do. Just read the sign.

Black’s is cafeteria style. This means that you have a tray and go down a line. You begin with sides.

After the sides you get to the best part. THE MEAT!!!

Mmmm look at that brisket. Notice the wooden table that the brisket is cut on top of. They have been using that same table for over 60 years. The cut so many pieces of meat on it that over time it creates giant grooves in the table itself. Notice how that brisket is angled. That is from the groove in the table. I wonder how many slices of brisket you have to slice in order to do that to a table?

As you saw in the first picture of the post I had brisket mac and cheese and a cornbread muffin. I made a brisket sandwich with white bread and plenty of amazing BBQ sauce.

O wait I forgot to mention I also had one small other thing that I had not tried at Salt Lick.

What is that you ask? It is a beef rib! Most ribs that you might usually eat are pork and therefore come from a pig. Well a cow is just a little bit bigger than a pig so with beef ribs you get the giant piece of meat you see in front of you! Yes that is me taking a bite into it! The beef was tender and juicy. Kind of like eating a steak on a stick. I love the interior of the restaurant.  Look at those steer horns!

After eating this awesome meat I had to find out where it came from.

To steal a line from MTV’s Cribs. This is where the magic happens.

Mmmm look at that brisket slow cooking in there. It is spending hours on this smoker heated by this.

As the saying goes, is it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Seems to be the case at Black’s. They have been doing the same thing since 1932. And that is turning out some amazing BBQ.

I hope to return to Lockhart again. I feel the next time I return I will have to try all four of the big BBQ restaurants and decide which is best. Right now Black’s is putting up a strong fight. Have you been to the BBQ capital of Texas?

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  1. Andrew W says

    Someone steered you in the right direction with Torchys, Juan in a Million and Salt Lick, but whoever suggested Blacks did you wrong.

  2. Amy Mc says

    Thank you for the pictures. They make me so happy. I was able to stop at Black’s as part of a trip from New Jersey to the Austin City Limits festival in October. I have fantastic memories of the entire trip. One of them is the “BBQ crawl” that we did. We hit Smitty’s, Kreuz’s, and Black’s. So worth it! The best part about Black’s is the mailorder. Being so far away it is awesome to be able to enjoy it at home. They also sell oak chips that we now use every time we grill. If you are ever lucky enough to be in the neighborhood make sure you are hungry!

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