an ace of a cupcake Chapel Hill, NC

I will admit it, I am a sucker for cupcakes. I am not sure what it is about them that fascinates me so much. They are a perfect size for a single serving dessert and quite possibly my favorite food to shoot. This being said,  you can probably guess what happened when I saw Sugarland in Chapel Hill.

After walking past this storefront I think you can understand why I wanted to investigate Sugarland further. The large mosaic cake in the door way, delicious looking baked goods in the windows, and large ice cream cones were all signs that something delicious was going on inside. Additionally, I enjoyed seeing window boxes full of hydrangeas on the outside wall.

Once inside, I discovered my suspicions to be correct. There were not only a case full of delicious cakes and other baked goods, but also Gelato! The cupcakes were what originally caught my eye, so that is what I was there for. There were quite a few great choices, but after much debate “The Wimbledon” was the ace for me (yes I realize the tennis reference is cheesy, but I could not resist).

Why name a cupcake after a tennis tournament? Well, at Wimbledon it is tradition to eat strawberries and cream. This cupcake is a nice tribute to this tradition. The Wimbledon is a a vanilla cake stuffed with fresh strawberry filling. On top lies a whipped mascarpone icing. To finish off the cupcakes is a sugar glazed strawberry. Delicious!

I think it is pretty easy to see what I thought of this winning Wimbledon combination. Overall I was impressed with Sugarland’s ability to create a cupcake inspired by the world’s oldest running tennis tournament. Hopefully one day I will be able to attend Wimbledon and take part in their tradition of eating strawberries and cream for myself.

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  1. says

    When I was a teenager, I would get up on Sunday morning bright and early to watch “Breakfast at Wimbledon,” as the men’s finals would be played. It was always exciting. Sure wish I had a cupcake like this, though, while I was cheering on my fave players. 😉

  2. Karen says

    Found your food blog when I was browsing Taste Spotting. Your awesome pictures of Sugarland’s cupcakes caught my eye! Coincidence was that I’m in Raleigh-Durham this week! :)
    Totally followed your advice — Had the best BLT, orangeade & cupcakes @Sugarland.
    Thanks for much for helping me create a food excursion! I had sooo much fun!! ;D

    • says


      That is so awesome! I am so glad that I was able to help you find some delicious eats! Thanks for your comment and I am glad you had so much fun!

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