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When I was in Nashville,TN, I tasted a Bacon infused Bourbon. I told my friend about this drink and she told me that she once had vodka that was infused with bubblegum!

What would this taste like? Is it as easy as just adding bubblegum to vodka and waiting? These were all questions that I needed to answer. I purchased the bubblegum and vodka. I added them together. I waited. The result was surprisingly just as I had expected. I had created a light pink infusion that in fact does have a bubblegum after taste. So if you are 21 and up give it a try!

Here is how you make bubblegum infused vodka.

All you need if your favorite vodka and bubble gum. I used Absolut and Double Bubble. I decided to go with a ratio 1:1 for shots to pieces of gum. For every shot I poured, I added one piece of bubblegum. I would suggest cutting the gum into small pieces to increase surface area. This will allow for the color and flavor of the gum to dissolve into the vodka faster. Depending on the size of the party you are having, you can make this infusion as large or as small as you decide. I suggest storing the infusion in a container that has a lid. It will take several hours for the infusion to work. I left mine overnight and it was done by the next morning.

All that is left to do is remove the gum and give the vodka a stir. Later in the week I will show you the drinks I have created for this infusion.




















What are your opinions on bubblegum infused vodka?

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  1. Whitney says

    Well…I’m not really a fan of bubble gum flavored things but I am curious about the now vodka infused double bubble!!!!! Did you chew it????

  2. Virginia says

    I have a problem with this. Bubblegum Vodka isn’t any thing I would like to have in my home. Kids usually chew bubble gum and I think its sending a wrong message. If grownups want to drink this then they should not use something kids would also.

    • Caroline says

      I understand, since kids normally eat grains, vodka is basically just like the devil, sending the wrong messages to kids and whatnot.

    • Rae says

      I would hope that people who have children would be responsible enough to keep their alcohol hidden and stored away. If they can’t then they shouldn’t have it in their home, you’re right.

      I think it’s a cute idea, and it sounds very good! Thank you so much for the idea. I can’t wait to try it!

    • Jenny says

      OR you could just be a responsible parent and keep your vodka away from your children. Crazy idea, I know. But I know the recipe specifically called for serving this vodka near children, so I can see where you’d be confused.

    • Shezalady says

      Hmmmm, whats wrong with just saying no. Something so many parents do not know how to do. So, if this was NOT a bubble gum drink, it would be ok to have around the kiddo’s? I mean NO alcohol drink is appropriate for children, regardless of what it is mixed with. MOST drinks are mixed with sodas, juices etc….those are also something children enjoy in most households.

    • Kit says

      I agree. And parents shouldn’t own cars, either because children might think it’s ok to drive before they’re old enough.
      If you must own a car, it should NOT be a kid-friendly car ,like a minivan. It should at least be something with only 2 seats, so that kids will understand they should never even be IN a car!

  3. says

    Yum! We do the same thing with Jolly Ranchers. We call it “Jolly Juice” and it’s so good. When we have parties we make a fifth of every flavor. I like to mix it with 7-up and a twist of lime. So good!

  4. Heidi says

    Awesome! I’m planning a bachelorette party next month. I’m going to give it a try along with the Jolly Rancher one too. BTW I have kids too and while I would obviously keep it out of reach, I have no problem with this idea.

  5. Sprax says

    To Virginia.
    Stop being a kill joy.
    If you carried on that thought you wouldnt be able to mix anything with lemonade or cola because ‘kids drink them’ and you couldn’t have beer because it’s made with barley and barley can be used to make bread and kids eat sandwiches.
    At the end of the day it’s an ingredient.

  6. Geanine says

    I am going to make this bubble gum vodka tonight. I think it would be great with some sparkling water and a twist of lemon. Another idea is to pour some over lemon italian ice. YUM!

  7. Joe says

    If you make bubble gum vodka, this is a great shot and or martini….

    one ounce bubble gum vodka, 1/2 ounce grape pucker/splash lemonade/spash of sprite… shake and pour…
    taste like big league chew bubble gum..

  8. RockinRo says

    I’m making it right now!! Thanks so much…I will take pics and let you know how I like it!!! =)

  9. rhon says

    We call it a Bubble 0-7, though we didn’t make up the name. Bubblegum vodka and 7-up, it’s delicious!

  10. Barry says

    you suggest cutting the gum into small pieces to increase surface area.
    I’m a bit lazy so if I ever made this I’d use Big League Chew Bubble Gum.
    that stuff comes shredded so, it would have lot of surface area without any of the work cutting it up.

  11. Rachel says

    I LOVE this idea and plan on stealing it for my best friends bachelorette next weekend! Thanks for the fabulous idea!!!

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