A different look at mustard

There are times where you don’t always want your subject to be the main dish. Sometimes, ingredients are the star of your images. Let us take a closer look using mustard as an example.

There are many different mustards out there. From simple yellow, to deli style, to Dijon. They come in a variety of different shades of yellow and all have unique and complex tastes. The type of mustard that you use will most likely be determined by what you recipe calls for. While the color and textures of the mustard varieties will vary, they will usually all have one thing in common. Their packaging isn’t ideal for photographing. Most mustard brands will arrive in a plastic squeeze bottle like you see above. This serves a great functional purpose by allowing you to easily dispense your mustard onto whatever food item you need. Unfortunately, this is not exactly aesthetically pleasing. Instead of being forced to use the plastic bottle, put your mustard into a new container!

I love glass jars. I collect all sorts of different sizes and shapes. I have been known to buy different brands of salsa, pickles (I don’t even like pickles) or other food items just for the jar! Every time I make pimento cheese, I keep save the pimento jars! I though they would be perfect to put mustard in!

Adding a serving spoon makes something as simple as mustard into an beautiful and interesting ingredient shot! Here is the original container next to the glass container.

By changing the container of  my subject, I am able to take a single ingredient and make it into the star of the picture! This is just one of the millions of different ingredient picture you can take! When taking pictures of your ingredients, experiment with new containers or ways of serving. You may just find an exciting new way to present something that may usually seem boring.

Here is the lighting set up I used.

Window light on the left, fill card on the right. What is your favorite ingredient to shoot?


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    Nice photos =) What do you use for the fill card? Is it something you bought or made? My favorite ingredient to shoot would have to be… Vegetables… Or fruits… Do I have to pick just one?? =P

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