4 champagne cocktails to begin a new year

Ending one year and welcoming in another is a tradition that we all can celebrate. On Saturday evening, the whole world will be saying goodbye to 2011 and welcoming in 2012. For those of you who choose to celebrate with a drink in hand, why not make it one of these New Year’s Champagne cocktails!

I am not sure where the tradition began, but ending one year and transitioning into the next isn’t complete without a glass of champagne (or some other type of sparkling wine) in hand. There is nothing wrong with a nice simple glass of champagne. If you are sipping on a nice Dom Perignon then just leave it at that. On the other hand, if your price range is more that of the Andre variety, there are a few simple and easy ways to improve your drinking experience.

To start how about  a sophisticated classic The   “Champagne Cocktail”

This simple recipe hails from 1935 and was created at New York City’s Metropolitan Hotel. To make this cocktail: Pour one glass of champagne. Add a lemon twist followed by a sugar cube that has been coated with Angostura bitters. Wait a few seconds for the bubbles to stop and enjoy! This cocktail if perfect for a more formal New Year’s Eve party.

On New Year’s Day, there is nothing like a hearty brunch and a Mimosa. Orange juice and champagne make a perfect pair to help tackle any lingering hangover from last year.

A mimosa is simple to make. Start with a champagne flute.

Add an orange twirl and  fill the flute halfway with champagne.

Fill the rest of the glass with fresh squeezed orange juice.

For a more potent concoction, you may add some Gran Marnier to the drink.

Looking for something a little different than a mimosa? Try the Poinsettia.

This cranberry champagne cocktail has a beautiful reddish pink color that will impress any New Year’s Day brunch guests you may have.

To make the Poinsettia.

Add a lime slice to a champagne flute. Fill the glass halfway with champagne.

Fill the remainder of the glass with cranberry juice and a splash of triple sec.

If you are more of a beer drinker, don’t worry,. I have a cocktail for you. May I interest you in a Black Velvet?

This cocktail is made with 1/2 stout beer ( I used a Double Chocolate Stout) and 1/2 champagne.

Like the beermosa, this may sound like a strange combination. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have my reservations, but the combination of light and bubbly champagne with a thick stout, is a delicious drink!

However you decide to celebrate your New Year, I am sure that having one of these champagne cocktails at midnight would be a welcomed addition.

If you are interested in how I shot these champagne pours, I will tell you about that in a future post.

Tomorrow, I will bring you a delicious New Years recipe and My New Year’s resolutions, the recap of 2011 will be on January 16th when Taylor Takes a Taste turns 2 years old!


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    Bookmarking. Gotta try at least one of these this weekend.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR….From Me to You (& Yours)! Wishing you all good things like good health, happiness and tons of success in 2012

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