12 Bones Smokehouse, Asheville, NC

There is always a gamble when taking an editorial assignment, but when Garden and Gun asked me to shoot for their story on BBQ sandwiches last year, I was willing to roll the dice.

The feature was on the Best BBQ sandwiches in the South. If you don’t live in the South, you may be surprised at how BBQ sandwiches can vary so drastically from state to state. Within NC alone, there is a wide range. In the eastern part of the state you will find a vinegar base. As you travel west, more ketchup is added. In the far western part of the state, they are known to be a little crazy. Hog crazy that is. My assignment was to drive to Asheville to shoot a sandwich known as “The Hogzilla”. As I drove along I-40, I couldn’t help but have an internal monologue that you would see on Animal Planet. You know, the one where the guide is in the bush talking in a very low voice, ” And now we approach the Hogzilla in its native habitat.” For your viewing pleasure, here is a Hogzilla in the wild.

You are looking at an adult fully grown Hogzilla. Notice the layers of pulled pork, sausage, sugar bacon, melted pepper jack cheese all between a hoagie shell.

I realize that the Hogzilla might not be for everyone. Three different pork products on one sandwich might be a bit overwhelming. For those of you who like to eat your pork one type at a time, you might want a pulled pork plate or ribs. To complement your pork, you could add chicken or brisket, or a variety of other sides.

and sauces..

The sides and sauces you will find at 12 Bones Smokehouse are very much like the city of Asheville- they just march to the beat of their own drum. They take the principles of NC BBQ and express them in their own ways. Purists, don’t worry.

You can still find this behind the restaurant.





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    Taylor!!! You shot for Garden & Gun?! That’s my favorite magazine! Not that I didn’t already think you were a super star, but man, you’re my hero now! :)

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